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TRIBE Dance creates an inviting atmosphere with one-of-a-kind instruction where everyone is considered part of our TRIBE. We provide dancers time and guidance as they explore and flourish in their artistic identity. We guarantee small class sizes, providing the most personalized training to all participants. Our programs are designed for dancers desiring that extra push.

Ballet class at TRIBE: St. Pete


Our faculty offers a wide variety of technique-based classes that are designed to propel dancers into becoming their strongest, most refined, and versatile selves.

Holly Robinson guiding contemporary class during TRIBE: Akron


From Ballet to Hip-Hop, dancers attending a TRIBE Dance event will be submerged in style-based classes to help them find their own artistic voice.

VIBE TRIBE Assistant Mia Williams


Every dancer is taught how to support themselves and to support those around them. Believing in yourself is key to your success. Confidence comes with support.

TRIBE Dance Logo

TRIBE is a weekend-long intimate, contemporary-based in-studio intensive

that offers over 16 hours of dance training.

Levels are capped at no more than 40 participants per room to insure personalized attention between students and educators.

  • Who is TRIBE for? Those dancers looking for a little extra push. TRIBE is focused on artistic growth and building a confidence within all dance styles and improvisation as well as building a creative voice for all attendees.

  • Styles Offered — ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, musical theater, jumps & turns, conditioning, Pilates, yoga, improv, Burn at the Barre, mind/body wellness and more!

  • Improv Jam — An experience at every event where the participants get to move and explore with the faculty and fellow participants in a judgement-free zone.

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Ballet Matters is a weekend-long intimate, ballet-based in-studio intensive that offers 

over 16 hours of dance training all while boosting confidence in ballet styles.

Levels are capped at no more than 40 participants per room to insure personalized attention between students and educators.

• Who is Ballet Matters for? Ballet Matters is geared towards technical growth and building a confidence within ballet for bunheads and non-bunheads alike.

• Classes Offered — ballet technique, pointe/pre pointe, variations, partnering, jumps, turns, conditioning, Pilates, yoga, legs & feet, stretching, Burn at the Barre, Ballet to Broadway, mind/body wellness and more!



TRIBE Director Seth Robinson


Ballet Matters Director Jeff Wolfe


Maddie Baker TRIBE Dance Instructor


Ashley Zachary Eschler TRIBE Dance Instructory


Kristin D'Addario TRIBE Dance Instructor


Koine Iwasaki TRIBE Dance Instructor







Matt Pilalis TRIBE Dance Instructor


Brie Underwood TRIBE Dance Instructor


Connor Walsh TRIBE Dance Instructor


Brian Davis TRIBE Dance Instructor



"After 9 hours of dancing yesterday, my daughter couldn't wait to return for another full day of the intense learning and training you provide. When I asked how the first full day was, she beamed, 'AMAZING!!!' She loved the burn and soreness as much as the excitement and energy. The best part was hearing my daughter say, 'Thank you for signing me up for this experience. It was exactly what I needed!' Thank you for pushing the dancers harder than they knew they could be pushed and giving them a confidence to try new things and to continue believing in themselves."

Melanie H-B - Parent

"This was by far the most comprehensive dance intensive my daughter has ever attended. The instructors are top-notch professionals who challenged her to a new level of dance. The weekend far surpassed our expectation in the amount of hours of instruction compared to the cost is a bargain, not to mention the level of confidence gained. Well done, TRIBE."

Kelli W P. - Parent

"This weekend has been one of the best weekends of my life, and I don't want it to end!! Every class I learn something new, and the support of my newfound tribe has encouraged me to be vulnerable in my movement and dance in a way I have never danced before. If I could do tribe every weekend, I definitely would!"

Abigail R. - Student