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LIV Free Y5


What is the cost of the event?

The total cost is $2,000. To reserve your spot a deposit of $450 is needed. 

How will my creator get to Chicago?

The guardian and/or participant will book their own travel to the city. In the past, we have had participants fly or drive in for the event, whichever works best for your family. Creators will arrive the morning of July 18 and fly out the morning of July 23. If your Creator is attending Streetz Nationals and would like to fly with our team, please email us at .

How will my creator be transported to the Creator's Pad?

One of our team members will be there when each participant arrives. Those flying in will be met in the airport and transported to the Creator's Pad in our vehicle. Those driving in will be welcomed at the Creator's Pad. The address to the pad, as well as the address to the studios, will be available on our BAND Page. Feel free to message one of our team members on the day of travel if you'd like to double-check that your child has arrived safely. 

How will the participants travel to and from the Creator's Pad & studio?

We will be taking the Chicago Metra to and from the Creator's Pad and the studios. We suggest your Creator bring a debit or credit card with them to make the purchase of transit tickets easier. 

What is the plan for meals throughout the week?

Part of the LIV Free experience is learning how to live on your own. The Creators will create a grocery list and our team will accompany them to the store. Participants will need to bring a stipend for food purchased throughout the week. Creators will be in charge of making and cooking their own meals.  A Creative Guide will be at the Creator's Pad at all times to assist.  We recommend the participants bring snacks with them to eat in between meals to sustain their energy.  

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