LIV Free: The Experience

A Haven for Young Creators

July 18 - July 23, 2021

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LIV Free


Are you passionate about creating and choreography?

LIV Free: The Experience is a perfect summer educational experience for young creators who dream of being choreographers one day (ages 12-18).


Changes to the program reflect Chicago's and Illinois'

COVID response mandates.

Spend 6 days and 5 nights in

Chicago this summer!

Work alongside TRIBE Dance Faculty and 21 other young creators

to put together an end-of-the-week performance

guaranteed to inspire your audience.


Learn behind-the-scene trades like lighting, sound/video editing, costuming and more. Collaborate with the group to develop a theme and overall concept to be presented to your audience. 


Develop your choreography skills in classes designed to challenge and engage personal artistry and expression. Participants will set a solo on another young creator as well as work collectively with their Creative Guide to develop a group piece. 


Participants will perform this group piece as well as a solo choreographed for them by a fellow creator at The Hive Studio's intimate space.


Attendees will keep their dance skills refined by

participating in daily technique classes.

This is a fully immersive creative experience. 

Availability is limited.

What will my week look like?

Day 1:

Creators arrive in Chicago and are picked up by the LIV Free Staff and are brought to The Creator's Pad where they will meet the week's creative team, including the rest of the Young Creators. Once everyone gets settled into the week's pad and weather permitting, we're taking a group trip to the lake for some sun & memory-making. Groceries will be delivered by staff. Our creative guides will be available to help with any trip planning and cooking needs/ restrictions.


Day 2:


Let's start this week together by discussing personal goals for the end-of-the-week show. At this time, formal introductions and the first creator meeting will take place at “The Pad”, followed by guided research and influencer history after which, we'll call home for the week. Music editing, planning & inspiration workshops will kick off this fulfilling week. The night will conclude with a choreography intent discussion designed to propel you into day three.

Day 3:


We begin to dive deeper into materializing our inspiration and building our creation within the solo and group works. Individual meetings with Creative Guides will happen throughout the day to discuss each creator's starting phases to help develop a full concept including the thought process of lighting and sound. Day 3 will also include a trip to check out the theatre space for Friday's performance. Once we have created a clear vision of our overall show theme, we'll have a creative meeting discussing how we plan to promote the show.  



Day 4:

Participants will start their day in a Ballet Technique class. After class, the group will cool down in the "communicating your intent" workshop; an open group discussion. Explore your creative voice during in-studio work time. here you will develop solo & group creations. Jump into a video editing workshop to teach you the ins and outs of making dance videos. To wrap up the day, creators will be guided through improvisation techniques to assist the development of choreographic skills. The night will conclude with a choreography intent discussion designed to propel you into day five.  

Day 5:

Be inspired mid-week with a contemporary/Phrasing class. Open up to the group as everyone shares and explores the ideas of "Who we are as Artists". Once we're feeling confident in our artist's voice we'll be preparing for an in-studio photo shoot. Each participant will be getting updated headshots during this time. After the shoot, we'll put your thoughts into movement with more In-studio work on solo & group creations. A Prep & planning meeting will help you be most successful during our video shoot at an outdoor location. From here creators travel back to "The Pad" to help finalize their digital creations. The night will conclude with a choreography intent discussion designed to propel you into the final day of creation.






Day 6:

It's Show Day Y'all! Meet at the studio for group Warm-up before heading into an interactive spacing & lighting tech rehearsal. Let's shake off the nerves during the full dress run of the show.

Final performance open to the public.





Day 7:

LIV Free team will transport the Creators to the airport in time for their departures and say goodbye to their creative family. 

LIV Free: The Experience


  • July 18-23, 2021

  • All transportation within the city, including to and from the airport, will be provided by LIV Free staff. Please make travel plans arriving July 18th and leaving July 24th.

  • Stay in “The Creator Pad” - an AirBNB chosen by staff and will be fully chaperoned by the LIV Free Creative Guides

  • All meals included

  • All classes and experiences included

  • Choreograph a solo

  • Learn a solo

  • Work collectively with a group to create a group piece

  • Perform a solo and group piece in the closing show in an intimate studio setting

  • LIV Free memorabilia T-Shirt

  • Social at “The Creator Pad”

  • Digital file of “The Show”

  • Photoshoot in Chicago

What are the Payment Options?

We have two payment options available.

You can 1) pay in full or 2) pay a deposit of $350 and then pay in increments per month.