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LIV Free: The Experience

July 18 - 23

A Haven for Young Creators

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How will my creator get to Chicago?

The guardian and/or participant will book their own travel to the city. In the past, we have had participants fly or drive in for the event, whichever works best for your family! 

How will you know how and when my creator will be arriving?

A week prior to the start of the event, we will gather each participant's travel itinerary and arrange a plan for them to be picked up or welcomed. If any travel plans change closer to the start of the event, please notify us through the BAND Page as soon as possible so we can accommodate those changes. 

How will my creator be transported to the Creator's Pad?

One of our team members will be there when each participant arrives. Those flying in will be met in the airport and transported to the Creator's Pad in our vehicle. Those driving in will be welcomed at the Creator's Pad. The address to the pad, as well as the address to the studios, will be available on our BAND Page. Feel free to message one of our team members on the day of travel if you'd like to double-check that your child has arrived safely. 

How will the participants travel to and from the Creator's Pad & studio?

Each participant will be assigned a vehicle and a group that they will travel in for the entirety of the week. Each morning, they will be picked up by a team member and be transported as a group to the studio. The participants will not be walking anywhere unless supervised by one of our team members. 


How are you making adjustments to your event to follow CDC Guidelines? 

The Creator's will be split into two studios to promote social distancing. Surfaces within the studio as well as the Creator's Pad will be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Masks will be required inside the studio, including the bathroom and hallways, and during transportation to and from destinations. Creators will be rooming with others they have traveled with or people from a similar area. Our team will be gathering grocery items and other necessities to avoid any exposure to other people and places. Our guidelines will shift and change as the CDC guidelines do. We will prioritize the health and safety of your children when making any adjustments. You will be notified of any changes that occur.  


What is the plan for meals throughout the week?

As mentioned above, our team will go to the grocery to pick up any items that are needed. A month prior to the event, we will post a poll on the BAND Page, sharing some meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each participant can vote on what options they like or suggest another option. From there we will solidify a meal plan for the week. Meals will be prepared by our team members, with minimal help from participants in order to prevent the spread of germs. We do recommend the participants bring snacks with them to eat in between meals to sustain their energy.  

Is food included in the price for LIV Free: The Experience?

Food is included in the tuition! 

What if my creator is a picky eater or has a dietary restriction/preference?

Is your creator gluten-free? A vegetarian/vegan? No worries! We have worked around dietary restrictions/preferences and picky eaters before! We will make sure to buy options for each meal that fit into those preferences. 

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